A Top 5 List & some New Years Ramblings…

Haven’t blogged for a bit – heres my top 5 reasons why not:
5. Computer transition – the PC at home is lurking near death, with family & friends circling like vultures hoping to get to use the remaining computer. Condolences can be sent in care of a Mac near you…

4. Christmas holidays – attempting to spend the time with the family, engaged, vs. being physically present, but surfing in a land far, far away mentally.

3. Schhhhhedule – (must be said with a big English accent to get the full benefit…) above & beyond the regular life stuff: 4 day hoops tourney in deepest darkest Galena. Houseguests… a great friend. a big friend. a friend w/2 first names came to visit. Damage caused by the wind has led to attempted maintenance. Ugly.

2. Other interests – did you know that there are at least 32 College Football bowl games happening between December 20 & January 8? It’s true. Not speaking to the quality of said games, but am commenting on quantity. All football. All the time. And, its playoff time in the NFL. I even watched almost 1/2 of a game on Sunday! The wife has a new interest as well: Netflix has brought us House, season 1. TV that she likes. Hooray!

1. Taking a break – very nice.

On that note…

  • Still not a snow fan.
  • High school sports, esp. practice during the break shouldn’t start at 8 a.m.
  • Pain hurts. Shoulder feels a little better, but still with some shooters in the range of motion.
  • Sometimes I feel like a doorknob.
  • Christmas clean-up takes longer than Christmas set-up.
  • Staying up to ring in the New Year, all the way to Midnight, is still overrated.
  • The guy in the neighborhood with the firecrackers that he sets off every New Year – don’t do it, man. And if you’re going to set them off, do it at 12, not 2.
  • I miss being in school. Not Geology, but the classes I like. I’m going back for German &…
  • Pastor Jack is in heat. Again. Nuff with the doggy hormones.
  • When I drive along an especially cool section of street, I dream of running on it & of the routes I would take.
  • Jamba Juice is exponentially better than Keva Juice. All fruit smoothies, not too sweet, not too much juice, are very nice.
  • Stargate SG-1 is still being cancelled this Spring after 10 seasons. Come on. Don’t do this to me.
  • As of 6 January, I have a 10 year old. And she’s my youngest.
  • Family matters.
  • 6 thoughts on “A Top 5 List & some New Years Ramblings…

    1. …could it be that Hugh Laurie reminds Joni of another cranky doctor, name of…McCoy?…

    2. *House is indeed a very good choice… If ya’ll don’t want to wait for Season Two from Netflix, I’ve got it! And check out Hugh Laurie’s pic on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0491402/

      *I would like Jamba Juice better if they didn’t use bananas in EVERY smoothie. I like bananas, but when they’re in a smoothie that’s all you taste.

      *I will NEVER be a snow fan!

    3. Den- I’m a doctor, not a floor wax; but look at that shine! I’m pretty sure that she’s never seen an episode. Just checked with her – she doesn’t know the difference between Spock & Kirk, let alone McCoy. More of a TNG fan.

      yen- thanks for the offer. Nice pic. Jamba banana is good – love the Strawbaby whirl w/extra blueberries…

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