Inquiring Minds Want to Know

On a recent post by Brother about his new job, Shontell commented:

All I am saying is that I feel it amazingly odd that pastors really DO make great car salesmen. I tell this to my brother regularly. What IS that all about?

Makes me wonder: Would I make a great car salesman?

So, I want to ask you your opinion in a 2 part survey:

  • From what you know of me, would I make a great car salesman?
  • If you answer YES, why is that?
  • If you answer NO, why is that?

    Thanks for playing…

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    1. No. INTJ’s do not make good car salesmen.

      Isn’t that what you tested to be?

      Correct me if I’m wrong. :)

      To be a good car salesman, you need to be ESFP.

      I went to google and signed up so maybe now it will let me comment, since it wasn’t accepting my blogger password.

    2. I would say No. To be a great car salesman you must enjoy spending time in a car with perfect strangers trying to convince them of something they’re not sure about.

      I don’t think you do.

    3. lame that you have to sign up with google. I lost my comment I wrote, so you lose too.

    4. I’d say no… Most car salesmen that I’ve met are pushy and/or dishonest, neither of which are qualities that I would attribute to you.

    5. g- INTJ am I. I rechecked the “job list” of INTJ’s & car salesman wasn’t on it.

      Teem- I’m not much for getting in cars with strangers. Actually, my mom told me I never should do that. Ben too, but…

      murdoc- suck it up.

      jeni – I believe that the stereotype of pushy, dishonest car salesmen does have a basis in reality (as all stereotypes may,) I have found that the number of good guys (don’t know any weeemuns that do this so, just guys for now) that are honest, straightforward & ethical is the norm rather than the exception… though I’m sure you’ve got a story. :)

      I’m tempted to go easy on any profession in that way, because I am part of a profession that has its own proliferation of slick, pushy, inauthentic types…

      OH NO. I’ve said too much. I haven’t said enough.

    6. NO, In all my experiences with car salesman you are much too honest to be a car salesman.

    7. Yes, I think you could be. You have a great memory– which comes in handy for remembering all the cars/options, you speech well, you’re good with budgets/money, and you are persuasive/influential. I think you could do all of that and remain integruous. Just my .02

    8. Im going to go punch myself in the face for being one of those slick, pushy, dishonest, ingrate, car salesmen. I love it. I get to experience the stigma first hand. So far it’s way worse than being called pastor. This is pretty good stuff. We could always start lobbing some bombs at say…social workers. Social workers are enablers. They falsify documents, traumatize children & generally resort to abuse in their own lives. It’s a tough profession. I think I’ve seen more tv shows featuring crooked social workers than pastors or car salesmen combined. And yes, I would consider myself to be an authority on tv. If you would like to see my credentials, write a letter to my secretary & she’ll take care of it. Another thing I love is that certain sales people get a free pass for some rediculous reason. Think jewelers… When is the last time you heard someone complain about those dishonest jewelers? They mark up diamonds & the like 600% & pass the savings on to you, the smart buying consumers. Good God, if I could only make that kind of money. But anyway, why do they get a free pass 7 the cars guys wear the scarlet letter. I myself get a bit creeped out by the car sales type, but I’m finding that they are regular people with the same problems everyone else has. How about some cookies with a warm cup of judgement?

    9. I wouldn’t see you pursuing a job like a car salesman anyway, but I think you could manage just fine. It’s really about relationship building anyway in car sales. Which I think your great at. Gaining trust and re-peat buyers and such…Anyway, from what I hear from car sales stories and people I know, the customers can be just as dishonest as a salesman. Car sales is stereotyped big time. I think this type of stuff flows through many job practices. Is there any person here who has bought stock and played the profit taking game or has thought of it? Many consumers each day buy stock in companies not to help develop the company because they believe in it, but because they want to leach on it to go up a buck and bail. Just thoughts…

    10. age- I think you hit the nail on the head with the stereotyping of the car sales job – & that many, many other jobs have the same issues, though w/o perhaps the reputation. Other professions that have this stereotype? Makes me want to post again…

      murdoc – did you hit the bonus round yet?

      g – little brother is relentless; I bet the two of you could go around & around for hours.

    11. He he he… I love causing trouble… You are right, scoey– I have many stories about car salesmen, however the reality is, the one who ultimately sold me my car was a great guy and I would be more than willing to see him again if he’s still selling cars by the time I need a new one… So what the Age says about gaining trust is definitely true. It just took going through about thirty other salesmen before I found that one…

    12. I am a little late, but I ahve been a little bit in catch up mode. I really have to say, if you were allowed to carry a large stick with you , you would be an excellent car salesman, like it or not. It is one of those occupations that grows itself when you are honest and outright. You are blatant so people would be drawn to you. Murdoc has a shadiness about him. If I were shopping for a car, I may just feel his biceps staring at me, waiting to pounce. HA! Seriously, there are dealers that just send people away in cars for test drives; you would never have to get in a vehicle with a stranger. One time we “test drove” a car for a week. My car was broken and we were thinking about buying someday. :/ lol

    13. no – because you’d have to come out of your cave and put your book down or turn off your sci-fi :)

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