Once again…

…I’m a-messing with my template. I really liked my last one, but had a hard time with the attempted modifications I wanted to make to said template. Esp. difficult was the ‘commenting.’

Brint’s last comment pushed me to make the changes necessary.

So here I am, Huckleberry.

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something new…

While waiting for theBean to finish her 2nd Thursday shift, I decided to experiment a bit with the layout of theConundrum… & try to expand my knowledge of html.

It’s a work in progress, & there are several layout issues that I haven’t been able to solve. Yet. But what are days off for, anyway, if not for blogmod…

Day 1 – a travel saga…

Up at 4:40 for some coffee & to look at the sleeping family. Hmm. Peaceful. They look so cute when they’re asleep, too. Being away from family is the hardest part of this trip, & its never more difficult than the last night before leaving. The morning departure looms, the unknowns of the 13 day voyage & separation lurk. All we want to do is & be with each other & hang out in our cubby sitting on the couch with a glass of red at the end of the day… it is one of the sweetest things in life. Actually reminds me of when theBean & I were dating. Minus the red, of course, as theBean was only 17 at the time. And I said, “Whoooaaahhh!”

The ticket I’m flying on is a ‘free’ ticket, in that I used my airmiles to get the ticket – which means 3 legs to the trip – Reno to Denver to Chicago to Frankfurt. But with the price of airtravel (& considering how long it takes to walk to Germany,) I’ll take the inconvenience as a challenge, & enjoy free wifi in 2 airports, snarf a couple of Mickey D’s double-cheeseburgers (the breakfast of champions. And lunch. And dinner today,) & then sleep fitfully for 5 or more hours on the last flight – pray for scoey to sleep well, & to dream of what is right now unknown…

When I get home, Thanksgiving will be right around the corner. That means ribs are coming! Woohoo.

I spent the last 90 minutes walking – throughout the B concourse in the Denver airport, stopping only for nature’s call & a cup of Verona. Nice. I’m going to go walk some more, as sitting for 12 hours on planes is a great way to get your body cramped up.

I’ll post when I can – thanks for your prayers.


My template is on the move… away from the coffee theme… I liked the coffee cup… but its html was ragged, & left quite a bit to be desired. In searching, I thought this one was worth a test drive, & that the flames match the shirt I got from Earl W. Nash for my berf-day. Not that I think I’m all hard-core or anything like that.

Feeling a bit more introspective than usual – might be because its a day off, & that gives my brain the opportunity to bounce things around without being obscured by The Task at Hand.

Hmmm. And double sigh.

inspiration & the planning of a post…

I read a friend’s post about New Years Resolutions – esp. the part about wanting to stop living as a “people pleaser.”

It inspired a thought, which has led to the planning of a post on people pleasing – this is not that post. THAT post will be coming soon. But for now, a few questions to ponder, & answer if you’d like.

-What would you say a “people pleaser” does that makes them a “people pleaser?”
-What situations do you find yourself most tempted to fall into “people pleasing?”
-What person/persons would you say that you’re most tempted to try to “please”?
-Who do you think ends up paying the greatest cost or experiencing the biggest loss as a result of the decision(s) to “people please?”
-What has been personally helpful to you in stopping the cycle of “people pleasing?”
-What has been personally most difficult for you in attempting to stop?


ask, seek, knock…

Ask & it will be given to you.

Seek, & you will find.

Knock & the door will be opened to you.

Thanks for the help & suggestions. I’ll give this one a run & see how it goes…

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